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Being a teenager can be hard enough without having to worry about feminine hygiene as well. Your body is going through so many changes, and it can be confusing and scary. We get it, and we’re here to help.

Things to prioritise every day:

  • Cleanliness: Take a bath or a shower every day. GynaGuard Teen Body Washes are a great choice to clean your whole body. They are moisturising to the skin and gentle enough to use daily.
  • pH Balance: Clean your V-zone using a pH balancing wash. Use your fingertips to wash and make sure get between the folds of your labia (the ‘lips’). The GynaGuard Teen Body Wash is perfect for this because it’s safe and gentle to use on the sensitive areas around your vagina. It’s also pH balanced to maintain the health and comfort of your vagina.
  • Hygiene: Wipe well after using the loo. Whether it’s a number 1 or a number 2, you should always wipe thoroughly after every trip to the bathroom. This ensures that odour-causing bacteria don’t stick around to make things unpleasant or itchy. Make sure to wipe front to back (from vagina to bum).

Things to do avoid:

  • Do not put any products inside your vagina, unless prescribed by a doctor. Your actual vagina (the inside part of your genitals) is self-cleaning. Putting soap and washes inside or using things like douches can be very harmful because they upset the natural pH balance of your vagina, which makes it susceptible to infections.
  • Avoid sitting around in wet clothing/swimwear. Prolonged exposure to dampness is not good for the vaginal area. Change out of wet swimsuits, change your pad or pantyliner regularly and pat your V-zone dry after every bath to keep things fresh.
  • Never ignore changes. Pay attention to the smell, texture and colour of your vaginal discharge, and skin around your vagina. It does change throughout the month, but you will soon learn what is normal for you. If you notice a change that does NOT seem normal, don’t be afraid to speak to a trusted adult or your doctor.

Your teen years are some of the best years of your life. You are learning, growing and blossoming, and that’s an amazing thing! Don’t let fear and worry about your body’s natural functions get in the way of you feeling free to enjoy your life.


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  • Washes away odour
  • Eases itching and irritation
  • Soap-free freshness
  • Natural pH balance
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