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How exercise and sweat affect your V-Zone?

Certain exercise can cause vaginal discomfort including itching, redness, irritation, chaffing and even odour. The symptoms and severity can range depending on the type of exercise, the intensity of the exercise and how often it is done.

What's really going on?

When exercising, your vulva and vaginal areas produce sweat which - combined with other factors like the type of workout gear you wear - can cause discomfort. Mostly this problem affects athletes but, in the right (or wrong) conditions, anyone could be affected.

A few infections are known to thrive in the warm, sweaty environment that exercise produces. One of them is an overgrowth of the Candida fungus, commonly known as a yeast infection. Symptoms include a thick white discharge, vaginal burning, itching, and redness. Another one is bacterial vaginosis (BV). This happens when the balance of good and bad vaginal bacteria gets disrupted.

Spinners and cyclists can also experience vaginal discomfort from a poorly-adjusted bike seat because of the pressure that sitting on it puts on the genital area. If you are sitting for long enough, it may cause numbness or tingling.

So how can you prevent it?

Proper hygiene

Make sure to get into the showers or bath as soon as possible after every workout to maintain good hygiene. 

Wear the right gear

Go for loose, breathable workout clothes that won't cause a lot of friction or retain moisture while you exercise.

Don't ignore it

If your vaginal discomfort doesn't go away, see your doctor. It may mean an infection has set in.

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