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Puberty. What to expect… down there

"If you’re between the ages of 12-17 then you’re most likely going through puberty. There are a lot of things going on with your evolving body, and some of them are probably not exactly comfortable to talk about or easy to understand. The important thing to remember is that it's all completely normal!

What is puberty?
OK, first thing's first. Puberty is when your body changes into an adult body. More than just looking different, adult bodies can also reproduce or create a baby. Chemicals called hormones send messages to different parts of your body to create these changes. Puberty is not the same for everyone and if you're experiencing things that you don't feel are normal, you should always reach out to an adult that you trust or talk to a medical professional.

What's happening down there?
The one change that everyone knows about is that hair starts to grow on your pubic area. This pubic hair starts near your vaginal opening and then in other areas around your vulva (the 'outside' part of the genitals).

But something that we don't talk much about is vaginal discharge. It usually shows up as a clear or white substance that you might notice on your underwear. It's 100% normal and is actually how your vagina cleans itself! Over time you will start to learn that it changes depending on the time of the month.

During puberty, you will also start menstruating or 'getting your period' - usually 2-3 years after your breasts start to grow. Because your new adult body can now reproduce, every month your uterus prepares itself for a possible pregnancy by building up its lining. If no pregnancy is detected the uterus sheds its lining and blood comes out of your vagina. This can last for anywhere between 3-8 days.

What should you be doing about it?
As you grow into your womanhood, now is the time to start taking charge of your personal care. Feminine hygiene is super important to make sure your V-zone stays clean, fresh and healthy.

GynaGuard Teen Daily Gentle Intimate Body Wash is safe and gentle enough for you to use down there and everywhere. It's specially designed to keep your vaginal area odour-free and in natural balance. It also comes in fragrance-free for sensitive skin or lightly fragranced for that extra boost of confidence.


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